I'm looking for a part, do you have it?


If the part is listed on our website as being "in stock" then we have it in our warehouse and can ship it out.

If a part is listed as "May ship in 2-5 business days" then we don't have it in stock, but once you order it we will try and find it for you. It may be at a distribution warehouse in the city, or it could be in another province or we may have to order it direct from the manufacturer.

We suggest that instead of contacting us to ask about a specific part, you just go ahead and order it. Our priority is to fulfil orders, so once we receive an order, we start to source it right away. Email requests for lookup are not a priority, so if you really want it, please just order it. If we can't get it, we'll refund your order right away.

Some parts have been discontinued, but because there are millions of parts on the market, we don't know if it's been discontinued until we try and source it for a customer. Discontinued parts are removed from the website as we find out from our suppliers.

If a part does not come up in a search, it means that is not available to us through our supplier.  We are not able to source any parts that are not listed.

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