Why was my payment declined?

Like all eCommerce websites, we have seen a significant growth in fraudulent transactions over the past couple of years. In order to combat this, we use very strict fraud detection filters to help mitigate our losses.

If you feel that your order has been incorrectly declined, please ensure that both your Billing and Shipping Address matches exactly to your credit card statement and your CVV number from your credit card is correct.

If you are purchasing parts to be shipped elsewhere in your province or country, please be aware that our fraud filter may decline these transactions as well. Stolen credit card information collected in Vancouver may end up being used by criminals in Montreal, for example. We have also seen stolen credit card information from the United States used in Canada.

If your credit card transaction has been declined, we strongly suggest that you use your PayPal account instead. You can still ship your order to a different address and there are no additional fees. PayPal also allows you to pay with either your account balance, your registered credit card or your bank account.  If you don't have a PayPal account, sign up is easy and free - https://www.paypal.com/ca/signup/account

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